Mexico is full of hidden destination, they are unexplored and full of beautifull and different sites, we have lots of resourses to track new destionation, but is not until you gent inside the mountain when you discover everything nature is keeping for us.

We get to explore one or two destination per year, the last one was LA PALMITA at Allende.


Extreme Destinations

  • June, 2010

    El Colmillo

    More than 25 rappels, big walls and lots of unclimbing, this is long, very long day canyoning trip, only for the advaced canyoneer. The longest rappel is 80 meters, and there are more than one with this length. Be prepared to get wet, although you can make lots of guided rappels, thing of getting wet from the beginning and save lots of time!

  • March, 2008

    El Infierno

    More than 60 kilometers of canyoning, this is the master of the canyons in Mexico, the most beautiful sites, and with no human trace...


Who We Are

We are a group of canyoning guides that are inspired in the unique destinations of northeastern Mexico.

We are professional and amateur canyoneer who are looking to access new and different mountian adventures, you can join us is you have previos experience, or if you love canyoning and Matacanes as we do!

Please contact us if you're interested in our group... we want to grow our community with good people.

We have beginners courses!




We welcome all canyoneers of the world to come and enjoy the northeastern Mexican canyons, we offer more tha 30 canyons, and we plan to grow this number every year. Our canyons are the best ever found, with a weather in summer of sunny 40 degrees celsius, simply the best

Please enjoy and be aware of the Federal, State and local law.

Some of the canyons are inside the CUMBRES DE MONTERREY NATIONAL PARK, and some rules may apply to foreing canyoneers.

Nuevo Leon Canyon Clusters

The most popular canyons are in this area. The zone is very humid and the lanscape is filled with pines and oaks. Matacanes and Hidrofobia are the most visited canyons. Read More
This is a quiet and typical northeaster mexican town in the middle of the mountains with all services available. Very high waterfalls and rappels can be found in the three spectacular canyons: Enigmas, Escondida and Alamari. Read More
Montemorelos - Allende
Have the ride of your life in this sierras, towns with lots of surprises like underground rivers, strange caves and beautiful canyons. Read More
Santa Catarina - Garcia
We have the oppsite landscape, different from the others, this are dry canyons in a semi-desert zone, high walls and peaks, enjoy this areas in winter and autumn. Read More


It was a great experience, all the sights and waterfalls inspired me in many ways.

— Francisco Olivares, MATACANES 2010